The local medical industry in Queensland has taken leaps and bounds in the past few years, catching up to medical standards in UK and the US. Local medical centers, especially in Alderley, Alexandra and nearby areas, are now called upon to adhere to standards to generally improve the quality of healthcare, not only in terms of treatment, but also convenience and customer service. Today, we will discuss recent Alderley medical practice trends and what you should expect from your local medical centers from now on.

Shorter Wait Times

The average time that it takes to see your local Alderley GP should be around 10-15 minutes, experts say. Reputable medical centers around Australia are striving to shorten the time spent between arriving at the hospital and having your GP attend to you. As such, you should expect service to be given as soon as you arrive, even before seeing your doctor.

There should always be staff available at the front desk. A nurse should attend to you as soon as you arrive, asking questions, looking through your records, taking your temperature, and other such measures that do not need a doctor’s supervision. This is done so by the time you see your GP, all information about your condition has been gathered and relayed to your GP.

Expanded Office Hours

Experts have noted a rise in retail medical and public health centers due to their availability and convenience, as most of them are available 24/7. In response to this, most Alex Hills doctors have decided to extend their clinic hours, as well as opening their doors to patients during the weekends. Currently, some clinics only allow you to see your GP during the weekends if you made an appointment with them during the weekday, but trends suggest that this might change in the near future, with private GP clinics being more accessible to patients even outside of usual office hours.

Better Amenities

In line with shorter wait times, Alderley medical practice is focusing on better customer service, not only for the patients but for their loved ones as well. Clean waiting rooms are a must, with comfortable seating and some form of entertainment, like a television set. Local medical centers are also pushing for more parking spaces to accommodate patients.

Amenities also mean going the extra mile to make hospitals less of a daunting place, and more of a happy, warm center for healing. This means more than just clean bed sheets and adequate ventilation. Nowadays, modern medical centers are going beyond the call of duty to ensure that patients and their loved ones enjoy their stay. Centers like SmartClinics even have a play area for kids to keep them distracted and entertained.

Online Portals

Companies from across all industries have taken their business online, and trends show that even hospitals are offering more accessibility and convenience through online portals. For example, majority of Alexandra Hills doctors can be found on directories online, so patients can check clinic hours and contact the doctor themselves for minor concerns.

Some medical centers are taking it a step further by offering online patient portals where patients can view their progress, test results and other information online. Of course, the information is available only to the patient and the doctor. While there are several concerns over security and privacy, it is definitely a huge advantage and convenience for patients if they can book doctor appointments online, and check results via the Internet.


The medical scene is changing; it is now employing the assistance of technology to deliver better service to patients. The focus of Alderley medical practice is on ensuring better customer service to patients rather than just getting the job done without a care for the comfort of the patient. This is certainly a move in the right direction, and hopefully more and more hospitals and medical facilities will adopt these new trends in the near future. Visit our website at

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