Long-Term Disability Attorneys for Every Step of Filing Claim

The moment you find yourself making a long-term disability (LTD) claim, be careful. Such claims might turn into a nightmare. Many insurance companies make it impossible for you to get a fair claim. Though many research on how to go about this successfully, many still fail. Then, LTD claims turn out more lengthy. As you make an appeal, set your sights to two sessions before anything favorable gets decided. If bad becomes worse and you have to go to federal court, you need the best legal help for collecting medical evidence because presenting new evidence won’t be possible anymore when you reach federal court. Schwartzlawpc’s disability lawyers make insurance companies assist the very first time you make a claim.


Stages Before You Get Your Long-Term Disability Claims

Many insurance companies have backlog of appeals. That’s more waiting time. Why go through all of this waiting and exhaust all your financial resources when you can get everything right from the start with the proper legal guidance from an experienced long term disability attorney?

Long-term disability insurance replaces a part of your income upon inability to work because of a disabling condition. Typically, it’ll cover around 60-65% of your salary depending on the plan you or your employer availed of. This monetary supplement may continue for the longest possible time.

However, many LTD policies dictate that you get their short-term disability benefits first. This stage is already tricky and this is where many get denied as soon as they make their claim. It’s ideal to have schwartz aw pc by your side as early as this stage. The moment you start receiving your short-term disability insurance benefits is the waiting or qualifying period before your LTD benefits. These short-term benefits last up to six months.

When you qualify for LTD benefits, expect to receive these within the ‘Own Occupation Period’ that lasts for two years. After two years, you’ll enter the ‘Any Occupation Period’ which is the most difficult stage. You need to prove that you are still disabled for you to continue receiving your disability benefits until you’re 65 years old. Hireschwartzlawpc to make sure you receive your long-term disability benefits.

Disabling Conditions

There are surprisingly many conditions to qualify as disabling. Often, many disability claims get filed not because of a single injury or illness. You might have suffered broken bones but are insurance companies taking note of the pain, negative side-effects of your medication and stress caused by fatigue? The simple existence of conditions that are either medical, psychiatric or psychological in nature that keep one from being productive gets considered severe enough by insurance companies. These are enough to make your condition disabling, and with the aid of a top-notch schwartzlawpc attorney, guarantee you a claims’ win.

You got denied the first time? It’s true that, regardless of merit, many get denied the first time they file for LTD insurance benefits. But, with superb legal counsel, many turn out successful in the end. Many insurance companies view disability benefits claims more seriously if there is an attorney involved. This is because they usually have no way out as you are surely backed up exhaustive but objective favorable evidence. Check out https://schwartzlawpc.com to increase your chances for a successful long-term disability claims appeal.

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